Monday, January 10, 2011

Twice Upon a Time - before and after

a little silver spray paint goes a long way ... 

Metal Shelf
I found this metal shelf at a yard sale - it had been painted a cream colored and was probably fine like that if I had wanted something shabby-ish, but I didn't.
           It just seemed sad that way and I thought it should be its true self, so I spray painted it silver
I think it is much happier now!

I found this adorable typing table at a second hand store for only $3.80! What a steal! It was in great condition other than a little scuffed so I took the little darlin' home ...

gave it a little love with some cleaning and spray paint ...

and now it is the perfect little sewing table! 

Ahhh ... meant to be!!

Another second hand store find for less than $4! A little sanding [not much, it was in pretty good condition], primer spray paint and some shiny silver paint for a modern classic look!

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