Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's VINTAGE not OLD! Re-purpose it ... and make it YOURS!

I originally planned on painting this out and lining it with a lovely fabric, but never got around to it. Rather than allow it to take up space doing nothing while it waits for me, I put it to use as storage for my handmade scrap bows. I kinda like the look. 
This is an old photo I took of my son Christopher [he is almost 21 now] I love how it looks on this vintage clipboard. For some reason everyone passed this up at a yard sale - how could they NOT see its potential?
We found this old scale in a little store in Oakdale, CA after going to the Chocolate Festival. Everything has use, most items have several uses.
Found this years ago at the Roseville flea market [popular in the Sacramento area] for about $6 bucks - it is still one of my favorite finds. I love how it looks displaying vintage Martha!