Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So I was in need of a new dish soap dispenser as our oil bottle one just was not working out. One reason was that it was easily knocked around and would topple over often. Another reason I didn't like it was because the pour spout was too narrow so very little soap could through, not only that, the pour spout became corroded and rusty. While shopping for some sort of vessel without luck, I suddenly got a clever idea! Why not use a pancake dispenser?? I found a darling one for about $6 bucks at Ross and it works PERFECTLY! Here it is! cute huh?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gorgeous green glass door knob

So lovely - I like how the green is subtle - this is one of those truly fabulous finds!!
I believe I only paid $3 for it at the Lodi Street Fair which is great for treasure hunting!

More second hand store finds! FUN!

I was pretty pleased to find this paint spinner rack at a second hand store in Sacramento for $7, but even more pleased when it rang up at only $3.50! I added some of my favorite GRAPHITE metal spray paint  I buy it from Lowe's for the best price -

Here is the way it looks now - I LOVE it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Do you remember the swans from the 70's? My mom made this one [in the 80's] and gave it to me. I love how it looks with lovely tulips in it.
 The tool caddy was from a yard sale, it was unfinished and boring, pink paint and lovely words made it sweet!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I think we can all agree - I have no idea how to blog!

BUT ... we all have to start somewhere right? Hopefully I will learn a thing or two eventually so this blog isn't such a disappointment. In the mean time - thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's VINTAGE not OLD! Re-purpose it ... and make it YOURS!

I originally planned on painting this out and lining it with a lovely fabric, but never got around to it. Rather than allow it to take up space doing nothing while it waits for me, I put it to use as storage for my handmade scrap bows. I kinda like the look. 
This is an old photo I took of my son Christopher [he is almost 21 now] I love how it looks on this vintage clipboard. For some reason everyone passed this up at a yard sale - how could they NOT see its potential?
We found this old scale in a little store in Oakdale, CA after going to the Chocolate Festival. Everything has use, most items have several uses.
Found this years ago at the Roseville flea market [popular in the Sacramento area] for about $6 bucks - it is still one of my favorite finds. I love how it looks displaying vintage Martha!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Twice Upon a Time - before and after

a little silver spray paint goes a long way ... 

Metal Shelf
I found this metal shelf at a yard sale - it had been painted a cream colored and was probably fine like that if I had wanted something shabby-ish, but I didn't.
           It just seemed sad that way and I thought it should be its true self, so I spray painted it silver
I think it is much happier now!

I found this adorable typing table at a second hand store for only $3.80! What a steal! It was in great condition other than a little scuffed so I took the little darlin' home ...

gave it a little love with some cleaning and spray paint ...

and now it is the perfect little sewing table! 

Ahhh ... meant to be!!

Another second hand store find for less than $4! A little sanding [not much, it was in pretty good condition], primer spray paint and some shiny silver paint for a modern classic look!